YAHOO Full Form – Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle

Yahoo Full Form“Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle”. As you know yahoo provides lots of services like search engine yahoo, directory, yahoo mail, yahoo news, yahoo groups, yahoo answers, yahoo online mapping, yahoo video sharing, yahoo fantasy sports or yahoo social media website and yahoo is a USA technology company and headquarter in California. The word of “ hierarchical” specify yahoo database has been arranged in layers of subcategory.

yahoo full form

What are the advantages of Yahoo?

As you know Yahoo’s  provides best service Yahoo Mail, you easily send lots of email,  and you receive mail immediately, you can easily handle lots of  contacts and preserve a calendar. Yahoo gives 100 percent security and 1TB of storage keep mails and fillies. You easily signup free yahoo.

Who come first Yahoo or Google?

Yahoo give best services and yahoo is older than Google.

yahoo full form

Is Yahoo still best?

According to me yahoo mail is best choice and lots of people still using yahoo services, yahoo got best award for free email services. Yahoo is easy for use as well as you save lots of thing.

Yahoo History:

Yahoo was begun at Stanford University. It was recognized in January 1994 by Jerry Yang or David Filo, who be Electrical Engineering graduate understudies when they prepared a site named “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web”. The domains were made on January 18, 1995.

Conclusion of YAHOO Full Form :

I have explained about yahoo full form and if you want to know further full form like Google full form and AIIMS full form.