Vestige Business Plan – Earn 6 digits to Marketing of company

Vestige Business Plan – In this article, I will explain to you everything about What is Vestige and what are the advantages of vestige or vestige marketing plan strategy. I request to you please read the complete article and then I will tell you how to join vestige.

I have seen lots of people who are earning lots of money from vestige. I am talking about those people who are un-educated those people earning 1 lakh per month easily from vestige.

Vestige gives you lots of things money and freedom but vestige wants 3 things from you. I am 100% sure if you accept 3 things you will be successful in vestige.

Vestige needs 3 things from you:

  • Time
  • Attention
  • Commitment

Are you ready to know about the Powerful vestige marketing plan?

Powerful Vestige Business Plan

First, everyone asking about one thing. Why should I join the vestige?

Don’t worry I will explain you in detail but Make sure to read this article completely.

First, tell me one thing. Are you Really happy with 9 to 10 hours of your job?

Are you fulfill your family dreams as well as your dreams from your job salary?

If the answer is No.

The sound is good.

Vestige Business has been giving you huge benefits or you cannot get in other business or job.

1. No Investment: Joining Vestige Business is FREE.

2. Time Freedom: Vestige gives you the time freedom to do business. You would develop your Vestige Business by working at your suitable time.

3. Family Security: If you make your team, cash would be deposited in your account. sadly, if your death, your nominee easily continues to get the money.

First, you should clearly know about the vestige or vestige business plan.

What is Vestige

What is vestige – Vestige is an awesome network marketing company basically a direct selling platform for multi-level marketing. Nowadays, we make use of a lot of products from lots of companies. We buy those products from the Local Grocery Shop or Shopping Marts.

Do they offer a discount or pay a fee if we regularly buy products from them? No. And yet, we continue to buy products from them. Which offers a huge discount when we buy products for that. And the most important thing is if you refer Vestige products to your friends as well as family, then Vestige would be paying you. In this case, should we change our store?

Let me explain the Vestige Marketing Plan (Vestige Business Plan).

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Vestige Marketing Plan: Seven kinds of income plans.

vestige marketing plan
vestige business plan

Vestige marketing plan – Vestige offers the most rewarding bonuses for your tireless efforts in business development. The Vestige Marketing Plan is planned particularly to give an equal business opportunity; it’s an Accumulative Plan, where you never go down from your current level and move up the ladder of success. When you switch your store from local retailers or Shopping Marts to Vestige, you get 7 types of revenue:

  1. Save on Consumption (Retail Profit) – 10 – 20%
  2. Accumulate Performance Bonus – 5 – 20%
  3. Director Bonus – 14%
  4. Leadership Overriding Bonus – 15%
  5. Travel Fund – 3%
  6. Car Fund – 5%
  7. House Fund – 3%
1. Save on Consumption (Retail Profit) (10-20%):

When you came into this business you will get a good discount while you purchasing a vestige product suppose MRP PRICE is 100 rs you will get 80 rs product. You should buy the product at Distributor Price (DP), and you can sell the product MRP price, so you will get 20% of the profit.

If the product MRP is Rs. 120, and the Distributor Price is Rs. 100 / -, and your Saving / Retail Profit = MRP (Rs. 120) -Distributor Price (Rs. 100) = Rs. 20.

2. Accumulate Performance Bonus (5-20%):

Vestige has been providing you  5 to 20 percent Performance Bonus on your Self Purchase as well as 0-15 percent Performance Bonus on your Team Purchase straight to your Bank Account. A distributor Must be eligible to receive performance bonuses and is entitled to receive bonuses at the appropriate rate.

Vestige offers highly rewarding performance bonuses, which are among the world’s leading direct sales. To receive this performance bonus, the appropriate Value Point (PV) must be collected.

To receive the monthly performance bonus provided, distributors must purchase (at the supplier price) the following monthly value:

a) Distributors earning up to 17% of payment – 20 PV

b) Distributors earning 20% ​​of the charge – 40 PV

The distributor fails to make a purchase, the bonus received in that month is forwarded and paid monthly, when the distributor makes the required personal purchase.


In a vestige business plan If you achieve 282 PV in a single month, you get a fast track income of 8% of income. The fast start concept is the best concept in the vestige plan. Because you will reach your goal soon.

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3. Director Bonus (14%):

Vestige has been providing 14% of the Company’s monthly PV as Director Bonus (DB). This calculates the “Point Sharing System” based on the Director Bonus points earning. The value of DB Point varies from month to month and is calculated monthly according to the method used below:

14% of the monthly PV / Company DB total collected = DB point value

The table above provides the conditions for eligibility and percentage allocation for different levels of directors.

Quick Bronze Guide

If you earn 7,501 PV in one month of business, you are eligible to be a Bronze Direct Startup Director. This gives you a 20% performance bonus and a Director bonus.

4. Leadership Overriding Bonus (15%):

Leadership overriding bonus (LOB) is paid to silver directors and above. To qualify for LOB all qualify must purchase 40 PV and 5,625 GPV without the personal purchase of 40 PV.

The LOB is calculated according to the table shown below. The LOB is also based on a point number system and the point value is determined according to the formula shown below.

LOB Point Value Calculation formula

Leadership Bonus (15%)

However, there is at least 5,624 PV. In the happening that your PGPV is cannot at 5,626 and the further qualified Director from the points together by you.

5. Travel Fund (3%):

Vestige offers the Travel Fund (TF) to directors of silver and beyond. TF gives out 3% of the entirety monthly charge of PV company as well as is considered by the Point sharing System as per the points of the Travel Fund earned. The amount of TF per point will vary from month to month and is calculated monthly according to the method used below:

3% Company points for monthly PV / Prices for Collection Travel Fund = TF Point Value


The travel bones will be used for travel announced by the company.

6. Car Fund (5%):

CF allocates 5% of PV’s total monthly income and is calculated by the “Point sharing System” based on the Car Fund Fund points earned.

5% of the total monthly PV Company points / CF Total collected = Total CF Point

This is also based on Directorate Bonus courses and is paid at the same rate.



Star Director / Diamond Director /

Crown Director / Global Crown Director / Double

Crown Director and Universal Crown Director has to purchase of 40 PV

• Have three teams of a qualified Director (Bronze Director and above) directly or indirectly under him

• Maintain a minimum of a Director of Astronomy for three consecutive months

• Enjoy CF from the 4th month onwards Based on the Bonus points system escape

You must have a PGPV of 2001 PV, this will not include the business volume of 20% downline.

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Prerequisites for Car Funds

A qualified Car Fund dealer must buy a car after obtaining a permit from the company.

The Car Fund can be used for Business Development after obtaining approval from the Company.

Rs 60,000 a month is the maximum amount you can get from CF.

Car Fund Benefit Once you have completed the Car Fund, you can enjoy the Car Fund continuously until you qualify as a Silver Director.

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7. House Fund (3%):

Vestige has been giving a House Fund (HF) to Crown directors and beyond. HF has been giving three percent of the company total PV as well as is considered by the Point Sharing System based on House Fund points collected by eligible students.

The amount of HF per point will vary from month to month and is calculated monthly according to the method used below:

3% of entirety Company monthly PV/ Total HF points collecting = HF Point Value



Crown Director / Global Crown Director / Double

• Have six qualifying groups of Director * (Bronze Director and above) directly / indirectly under him

• Maintain a minimum of a Crown Director position for three consecutive months

• Enjoying HF from the 4th month onwards Based on the escape of the Director Bonus points system

Prerequisites for House Fund

The housing fund will be released by the Company next month along with the Bonus Check.

Rs. 80,000 a month is the highest you can get from HF.

Housing Fund Benefit

Once you qualify for the House Fund, you can enjoy the Housing Fund continuously until you qualify to become a Silver Director.

These are the special benefits that Vestige offers when you change your store into Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

An Example of Empowering the Vestige Marketing Program and vestige business plan.

Let me tell you about the Vestige Marketing Plan, with Zero Investment.

Suppose you sponsor 6 distributors in the first month of joining Vestige Business.

In the first month, Your Team Size = You + 6 = 7.

In the second month, those 6 distributors supported 6 distributors 6 * 6 = 36. So, in the 2nd month, your Team Size = 7 + 36 = 43.

In the third month, those 36 distributors supported 36 distributors * 6 = 216. Therefore, in the 3rd month, your Team Size = 43 + 216 = 259.

In the 4th month, those 216 distributors supported the 216 distributors * 6 = 1296. Therefore, in the 4th month, Your Team Size = 259 + 1296 = 1555.

Suppose, if every distributor buys products that cost only 30 PVs every month, your salary would be approx:

Director Bonus = Rs. 56,000 / –

Governing Body Bonus = Rs. 1,11,000 / –

Car fund = Rs. 32,000 / –

Housing Fund = Rs. 32,000 / –

Travel fund = Rs. 11,000 / –

Total = Rs. 55,000 + 1,10,000 + 30,000 + 30,000 + 10,000 = Rs. 2,35,000 / – At least.

This way, your salary can be Rs. 2,35,000 / – within four months of joining Vestige Business. No Business can offer you so much profit without investing.

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How to join vestige

If you are ready to join Vestige just WhatsApp on +91 9966179246 or call me. I will help you completely.

Before Join vestige everyone wants to about Is Vestige Good to start a career with?

Vestige business plan – Vestige is a very simple business. The following are the key ideas behind success and its simplicity:

Consumer part

The products are of world-class quality and you can return them if you don’t like them using the form.

The products are FMCG, so you don’t have to make any money. You should change your store to buy high-quality products and save about 50% of your current expenses without doing business in it.

5000+ stores are available all over India and you can also order products online.

Business part – Making Money as a Passive Income

Unlike other companies that pay you a few lakhs a year, vestige talks about a few lakhs a month. If you do hard work definitely you will earn huge money.

MLM and you just need to sell the business and take care of your team, the products will sell on their own. There will be 1000 people available to help you voluntarily but make sure you have to explain the vestige business plan to others.

Within a few months, you can even afford to deduct your monthly expenses and after a few months, you will no longer have a steady income.

I have developed simple and easy ways to use growth strategies very quickly. Join Now I will help you to grow  your business message me on Whatsapp Number +91 9966179246

If someone like Md Moin Khan has never been to school he can earn more than 8lakhs / month in five years and buy a BMW X1. Then why not?

How to join vestige. You can message me on Whatsapp Number +91 9966179246 I will help you to grow your business. 100% You will be happy.

What is the best method to get money in Vestige?

  • You must buy the product from vestige.
  • You have to Join at least one person in one month.
  • A good way to explain a vestige business plan to others.
  • You should help to grow every team member.

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Vestige marketing plan

Vestige marketing plan – Vestige has been giving you the most rewarding bonuses for the effort put into the business. The Vestige Marketing Plan is a compact plan where you never fall short of success and continue to reach higher levels, that is to say, that your previous efforts and success are always counted on your bonus.

Is vestige product chemical-free?

The products do not contain sulfates, harmful chemicals, parabens, etc., to make sure that the customer is cared for as naturally as possible.

Who is CEO of vestige?

Mr. Gautam Bali is the Managing Director of Vestige company and vestige is the largest Direct Selling Company in India. He established Vestige in 2004, with Mr. Kanwar Bir Singh as well as Mr Deepak Sood.

What is the minimum purchase in vestige?

Join as a Vestige Distributor is FREE, however, the smallest purchase of 30PV (~Rs. 1,100) must be done within 30 days of joining as per company norms.

What is vestige full form?

Vestige full form Vestige is an Indian company and a great network marketing company in India.

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If you are ready to join Vestige just WhatsApp on +91 9966179246 or call me. I will help you completely.


I hope you understand about the vestige business plan and how to join vestige if you do not understand about the vestige marketing plan, do not worry you must WhatsApp me on +91 9966179246 or call me will help you to grow your vestige business plan.