UTR Full Form in banking meaning & utr number

UTR Full Form in bankingUnique Transaction Reference generally is a reference number for easily identify an NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS transaction. This kind of UTR number has been using every bank in India for entire local modes for the reason of money transfer as well as they are helpful for the recipient in case there has been no fresh update or credit corresponding to your transaction.

UTR Full Form in banking & UTR Meaning

Unique Transaction Reference very helpful to all check the financial transactions. And you can also use all track of your funds’ transfer.

UTR Full Form Unique Transaction Reference Basically, this kind of URT Number is created at the same time as transfer money from one bank to the other. There are 2 ways to transfer the cash from your respective bank. One way of online money transfer through a bank is NEFT, another way of is RTGS.

NEFT is a National Electronic Funds Transfer. That transaction is processed in the batch, so the transfer is not instant.

RTGS is a Real-Time Gross settlement. Money is instantly transferred through RTGS. RTGS not taking too much time, maximum of 2 hours of deposit the cash to the beneficiary account. This kind of way is fastest but if your transaction amount is above Rs. 2 lakh. There 2 types of UTR numbers, RTGS UTR number or NEFT UTR Number. You can easily get UTR number tracking through their personal bank apps.

utr full form

Steps to Find UTR Number

  • To find the Unique Transaction Number, First, you should go through the details account statement in your personal banking.
  • then, click on the transaction details. The information of the particular transaction will come into view.
  • In the same fact, you will locate the UTR no.
  • The Unique Transaction Number is able to be seen on the statements of the banks similar to ICICI, SBI, and HDFC.

UTR Meaning

UTR MeaningUnique Transaction Reference (UTR) basically 22 characters generates in Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system for uniquely identify any kind of transaction. UTR Code format : ICICIRCYYYYMMDD########.

For example ICICI  = Bank Code Example SBI, ICICI Bank

R means = RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)

C means = Channel code example: 9 for RTGS

YYYY means = Year code example 2021

MM means = Month code : example 04 for April

DD means =Day (eg: 15 for 15th February)

######## means = 8 number unique transaction code: example 456984123


In case your NRI account is debited, except the beneficiary has not received the funds, you should use the UTR and contact the bank customer support team for them to tracing all the transactions. Every bank in India has customer service details updated on their websites.


I have explained to you about UTR full form number in banking & utr meaning in banking as well as utr number information, I hope you understand and further if you want to know another FII Full form please go through it.