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Hello, Friends, Are you searching for Ullu information like what is ullu app is and Ullu Web Series Name List 2022. You are in right place. I will tell you how to see the ullu web series watch online free.

What is Ullu App

Nowadays Ullu App is an Indian powerful and awesome streaming place. The App was started and owned by Vibhu Agarwal. The App has been increasing the demand day by day and is now available for Andriod, IOS.

Ullu App Information

Type of businessPrivate Company
Type of siteVideo streaming
Available inHindi
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
OwnerVibhu Agarwal
ProductsUllu Web Series

Ullu Web Series Online Watch

2020The Bull Of Dalal Street
2020Ishq Kills
2020Virgin Boys
2020The Choice
2020Black Coffee

Ullu Web Series Watch Also

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  • Over-the-top
  • Hotstar
  • Voot
  • Zee5 Original
  • SonyLIV
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • ALTBalaji

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Ullu Web Series Name List 2022

Here, I will give information about the popular Ullu Web Series Name List 2022, please go through I have written all information.

I think no need to introduce the name of this organization because everyone loves this Ullu App. And the most important thing is ullu name is a unique name when we hear this name get a laugh.

But those people do not know the ullu web series. Don’t worry I will explain you in this article.

Nowadays lots of people have problems like financial and health problems etc. But the ullu app makes your face smile, Ullu has been providing lots of entertainment. This kind of app has been booming on the internet.

The Ullu app has been winning lots of people’s hearts because the ullu app provides lots of fun to people. And ullu is very famous for web series, short stories. The app was launched in 2018.

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Top Ullu Web Series name list

I am going to explain to you the top Ullu Web Series name list which is very famous on the internet and everyone loves this series.

Be ready I would tell you the Top Ullu Web Series names list. Please go through.

1. The Bull of Dalal Street
Ullu Web Series Name List


This story is based on a visit of a bankrupt man and is an extraordinary stockbroker in Mumbai.

Category: Corporate, Adult

Scene: 12

Cast: Falguni Shah,Iqbal Khan,Ashmit Patel

Based on the light of a true story from the 1990s, “The Bull on Dalal Street” includes a significant play on Indian television channels such as Mohammad Iqbal Khan and Ashmit Patel.

This is a story about two dear brothers and sisters who came to Mumbai to make amazing progress.

History has been showing their growth from city life to becoming a major stockbroker in Mumbai.

This online report is built-in in this updating adult version for 2021 for clear specifications; Take, for example, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” this way out is full of many thought-provoking and powerful visuals.

2. #MeToo
ullu web series

Summary: This story is based on a Bollywood actor, whose identity is very important.

Category :

  • Physical,
  • Suspense,
  • Thriller


  • Vivaan Bhatena
  • Amit Behl
  • Sikandar Harband
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpa
  • Isha Anand Sharma

8 Scene

The series looks to unveil an episode that took place in late 2018 when numerous women left the Bollywood business and admit that men were worried about the business.

The journey usually identified as #MeToo is the reason for this owl web gathering.

This is the story of a Bollywood artist who dies all of a sudden with a note on a bag called #MeToo.

At this point, the story has been continuing with the first man trying to figure out what happened to him.

This site talks about the situation of female artists who are abused and frustrated by their ability to fulfill their aspirations to enter the big city.

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3. January 3 26
ullu web series online

The story is based on an ATS officer who has been facing a problem. When she hears that her loved one is the distributor of fear, she has to decide between her love or her commitment.


  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Thriller

Artist :

  • Madhurima
  • Tuli
  • Kunal Jain

4 sequence

January 26 is a story that has been giving

  • Action
  • Emotions
  • Tension
  • Enthusiasm.

I think you will be enjoying this story and lots of people have been loving this type of story.

Also, this is the story of Veda and Insia, who are in love.

Mostly you have seen Ek tha tiger and this web series story is literally the same and Salman khan and Katrina kaif are on duty and then fall in love and the same story here, I am sure you love this story so much.

Ved is an ATS (Anti-Terrorist ATV) agent who plays a role in the mysterious stance of a heavy attack on a rebel city.

In any case, when he hears that Insia is in a mental war, his whole life comes to a standstill.

In the meantime, he has to choose between his commitment to love and the world.

4. Halal
what is ullu app

Synopsis: This is the story of a female who has to cancel all Nick Halal’s first tests only because her esteemed friend gave her a talaq three times.


  • Drama
  • Adult
  • Romance


  • Shafaq Naaz
  • Ravi Bhatia
  • Aijaz Khan
  • Neelima Azim
  • Deepika Singh Goel

11 Scenes

For those people who don’t know about Halal, it is a guidance conference in which a woman, following breaking up with triple talaq, remarries, divorce another man, get divorced. And splits up to be able to remarry his ex.

The owl is dealing with this controversial issue in order to gather more publicity for its adult network.

This is the story of Afza, who joyfully attach to Rachel, and the two fall in love.

However, their relations works wonders when Rachel angrily gives Afzal a talaq triple. After seeing what he has done, he should fix it.

However, as their religion points out, you cannot remarry after your divorce.

Therefore, the couple has only one option – to get back together – Halal Nikah.

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5. Ga#Du

Synopsis: Vicky is an actor who tries to rape a well-known fashion designer. The story is regarding Vicky’s fightback for justice.


  • Bold
  • Suspense
  • Thriller


  • Vikram Bham
  • Paras Madan
  • Ruma Sharma
  • Mohit Nain
  • Hushi Mukerji

2 episodes

Rape is one of the most horrible crimes in India. That is why the debate over how to pass stricter punishments has continued.

Women’s safety has always been a major issue, and there are many sympathetic women, and that’s a good thing.

But what if the rape was performed by a boy? Ullu Original’s story “Gandu” tries to shed light on this issue.

Vicky is a budding actress trying to excel in the film industry and ullu web series free.

But her whole life was miserable when a famous tailor raped her when she woke up and she was not getting justice for it.

It is a story of a boy fighting for his rights in a world where there is no such thing as a boy rape.

I am very happy to see that Owl creates content that covers critical social issues.

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6. Khul ja sim sim
what is web series

Synopsis: A charming young married woman discovers that her husband lacks the necessities of life.


  •  Erotic
  •  Adult
  •  Comedy


  • Nikita Chopra
  • Kavita Kaushik
  • Kundan Kumar

Ten episodes

Khul Jaa Sim is a very famous web series in the Ullu app. After the first season was successful, a month later the second season was released with the same story and some changes.

The story begins on the wedding day when Simran learns of her husband’s absence.

In an effort to satisfy her unfulfilled desires, Simran begins to examine herself and her husband.

Being an attractive woman, Simran is followed by many men in the village.

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7. Panchali

Synopsis: The story of a woman who willingly accepted the vicious custom of marrying all her siblings.


  • Erotic
  • Adult.


  •  Anupriya Goenka
  •  Aman Verma
  •  Upen Chauhan
  •  Samreed Bawa
  •  Rohan Pratap Singh.

5  episodes

The story is based on the epic book of the Mahabharata, where Draupadi married the Pandava brothers.

One of the main reasons for the success of this series of adults on the Owl Network is the gender portrayed by the Owl in each episode.

The centuries-old tradition demanded that all members of the family marry only one woman. Everyone agrees, but the youngest does not want to be part of such an absurd belief.

Panchali is the story of a woman who is married to four brothers and is now trying to win her fifth brother because of selfishness, jealousy, and fraud.

If you like good games, you will love this. You can also check out my second article “The 20 Best Hindi Adult Web Series”.

9. Mona’s Home Delivery

Synopsis: The story of a poor girl who seeks a better life and turns into prostitution.


  • Erotic Drama
  • Romantic


  • Kangana Sharma
  • Pratima Kazmi
  • Vijay Raaz
  • Raju Kher
  • Rajpal Yadav

Four  scenesullu web series free

I don’t know if you guys have seen the main role of “Kangana Sharma (Mona)” in the Hotstar movie “Tu Sooraj Man Sanj Piyaji”. No doubt he experienced many changes.

From the dedicated work to the simple Indian badge, to the display of his burning brand at Mona’s house.

Mona is a young man who had unaffected adolescence, and he did not want to continue as long as he could remember that way.

Hence, she makes her mind up to use her body as a device to get her aim. Ullu Web Series Name List

He begins to help the young woman up the stairs and climbs the stairs. Still, he admits that the world is not good for people like him.

I liked that the pattern did not show strong unnecessary scenes, but other than that, it did not run where it was needed. It is an ideal setting for your time and energy.

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10. 3G – Galli Galoche Girls

Synopsis: The three leading female partners share sexual dreams and more information.


  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Erotic


  • Kaaviya Kiran
  • Akshita Sethi
  • Paris Choudhary
  • Paras Saluja
  • Vishal Dubey

Already watched ‘Four More Shot Please’? In web design, if so, it is not a big deal. It looks like four other scenes from the original owl, but very unusual with a little history.

The site is about three urban women living according to her, and that their only business in the world is to talk to men.

The only thing they talk about is sex. For some, it may be more fun to tell young girls about such things in a more direct, direct way.

However, some may find it extreme. In some places, this story will be funny, and in other places, it will be very short.

History is more than a mere figment of our imagination. If you like Hindi shows you should definitely read our best Hindi shows article called Netflix.

Keep reading to find similar content around the world. I hope you understand about Ullu Web Series Name List and lets go through difference between tv series and web series.

What is the difference between TV series and Web series?

TV series are programs that are presented to viewers through a television program while the web series is a series of online streaming. When it comes to TV series, you will have to wait for the weekly program, or you will have to sing at a certain time of day. There is no such limit when it comes to web series. You can watch your favorite game at your leisure, as long as you have an internet connection. Many online streaming platforms also offer you the option to download these games and watch them offline.

You may not re-watch a TV program on TV unless it is a repeating telecast on tv. Not so with the web series; you can watch your program as many times as you like in one day. You will have to pay your subscriber money to watch TV shows, but most websites are free of charge. Ullu Web Series Name List You should only pay an Internet service provider. Television programs are still popular in rural areas where there is no internet connection or support technology, whereas the web is more popular in cities.

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Ullu web series watch online free

Ullu web series watch online free – Web series are collections of episodes that are streaming online. These episodes can be related or become one long story divided into many episodes. Most OTT and VOD platforms today broadcast a wide range of interactive content in the form of a web series.

Different genres are tested in a web series that usually contains no more than 20 episodes. The most popular types tested with a web series of jokes and suspense-thriller.

It is very easy for the audience to follow the web series as they can watch the episode whenever they like on various devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. On the other hand, you’ll need to tune in to a specific channel at a certain time to catch up. Ullu Web Series Name List. TV program. VOD platforms try to take full advantage of this growing trend by streaming different web servers simultaneously.

To arouse the curiosity of the audience, they may also begin each episode separately. When an episode is high on the platform, it is always there, and the audience can watch it as often as they like. Over the past few years, web series have changed the face of entertainment to a great extent.


I have explained Ullu Web Series Name List and ullu web series online watch and ullu web series watch online free I hope you understand. Thank You.