SL Full Form in railway & Meaning

SL Full Form in railway – Sleeper Class(SL) is very famous in railway and this is a normal coach in Indian railways. Generally have 72 berths separated on 9 cabins in regular coaches as well as 80 berths in Duranto coaches. The most important thing is this type of coach you will not get Air condition but you will get sleeper berths.

First Class AC (1AC), is the costly as well as comfortable somewhere to stay that the Indian Railway offers. In this type of class, berths would be restricted to every section have just 2 or 4 berths. And the coach would be separated in coupes as well as cabins, both get a door which would easy to locked from inside.

Sl Meaning & SL Full Form

SL Meaning in railway – Sleeper Class(SL). Second Class AC (2AC) is generally a good compromise among services as well as cost. This kind of coach just having 4 berths in every coupe as well as the coach have 48 berths in total. but, the compartment would not get lockable doors.

Third Class AC (3AC) has been providing the necessary facilities, get non-AC, other than at a further reasonably priced. This type of coach would be alike to the Sleeper coach other than is given with AC.

Chair Car(CC) – This type of coach, they not giving any sleeper benefits and this kind of coach would be usually present in small distant trains.

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