SHVS Full Form & SHVS Meaning

SHVS Full Form – Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is offering great technology cars like diesel and Ertiga. India’s most energy-efficient cars. Maruti Suzuki has recently introduced a small hybrid technology vehicle in the major markets of India, thus giving great impetus to its product image which could envy all its competitors. Suzuki’s first car to acquire this new technology is the Ciaz mid-size sedan launched in India in 2014.

SHVS Meaning & SHVS Full Form

SHVS Meaning – Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is the best-selling mid-size sedan in the country. Maruti however is now a cover due to its new lightweight hybrid technology being shod as SHVS (short for the smart hybrid vehicle by Suzuki).

Suzuki’s new SHVS system works on the principle of regenerative braking where power is converted into electricity and stored in car batteries while slowing down the speed. The Ciaz comes with a large lead-acid battery in the SHVS model.

Recovering regenerative energy during braking – All electric motors will act as a generator on the contrary. The machine is the same. Electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy or kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. Therefore, when using the brakes, instead of completely engaging the physical brakes, any electric car starts working as a generator and converts the excess kinetic energy back into electrical energy and saves the battery. The SHVS system also has a small electric motor and a small battery, which do the same thing.

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Use stored energy when needed – This energy is used in more power than a fire engine when the vehicle starts to rest or accelerates rapidly as it passes. Therefore, a fire engine does not have to undergo stress and efficiency.

So, you see, the SHVS system is boosting the economy by recovering lost energy during mass breakdowns. It can grow the economy by 10% depending on the situation. Therefore, it is very effective for riding the city in the first traffic. If someone is driving a car on the highway at a traveling speed, the economy is fine anyway.


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