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Do you Want to Earn daily 300 to 500 Rupees? If Yes, You are in the Right Place. I will guide you in simple ways to Rozdhan earn money. If read the complete article. I am 100% sure you will start earning soon.

In this article, I would like to tell you about Roz Dhan earn money app that helps you make money online. If you work 1 to 3 hours a day, you can earn Rs 6000 to 60000 a month.

If you are a student, homemaker, retired, or unemployed and want to earn extra money by working part-time from your mobile phone, this app might be the best option.

You will get ₹80 for FREE in your Paytm.

Just copy the Rozdhan Refer Code0RPXJ6 and paste it while you signup for the Rozdhan app.

Just Rozdhan DownloadClick Here to Download. And paste the rozdhan refer code 0RPXJ6.

You can earn unlimited from the Rozdhan app – This is FREE

Rozdhan earn money

Rozdhan Refer Code – 0RPXJ6

🥇 You can easily earn money with this app. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Download the RozDhan app (Get Rs. 25 by joining),

2. Verify your mobile number and select a language,

3. Enter the invite code to earn instant Rs. 25,

4. Fill in the Profile & Read the FAQ for more points,

5. Now start earning by reading stories, sharing stories, playing games, and inviting friends.

👉 Step 1. Download RozDhan app on your mobile.

The first step you must the download the RozDhan app on your android mobile from the Play Store.

You can also download this app from the link provided below, we will open your Google Play app directly.

👉 Step 2. You should Verify your account with a mobile number or Gmail

Now you have to verify your mobile number via SMS or WhatsApp. You must select the language that you want.

Choose your preferred language and sign in to your RozDhan mobile app.

👉 Step 3. Enter Invite Code & Earn Quick Money

You must now enter the invitation code to immediately earn Rs. 50. (Rs25 per joining + Rs25 Invitation Code).

Enter this invite code

👉 Step 4. Complete Profile & Read Frequently Asked Questions

After entering the invitation code, you must now complete the profile and read the Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions) to earn 300 points.

👉 Step 5. Start Benefiting From Daily Activities and Transfers

Now you can start earning money with your mobile phone using the RozDhan app.

  • To keep your account active, you can read other stories and share a few articles every day. It will also help you to earn daily coins.
  • You can get unlimited benefits by inviting your friends. Rozdhan currently gives you 1500 coins per transfer (Rs. 6) if the person sent to you completes his or her profile and reads the news for at least two days.
  • But the main salary comes from a second-level transfer system, where you can earn money with your transfer benefits.
  • You only need to ask them to enter your invitation code into their accounts so that both you (and your users) can earn instant money.
  • Rozdhan earn money. Example- You work 2-3 hours a day and refer to 30 users a day, you can refer to about 900 to 1000 users per month. 1000 x 6 = Rs. 6000 / = (Instant cash loan within two days).
  • You will automatically benefit when your users transfer and forward to other users in this application. For example, 100 out of 1000 active transfers of your transfers are always valid and send 200 people to Rozdhan every month, you will earn 100 x 200 x Rs. 1 (Level 2 transfer program) = Rs. 20000 / =
  • Your total income can be: – Rs. 6000 (1 level transfer system) + Rs. 20000 (second level transfer system) = Rs. 26000.
  • You can gain more by promoting articles, sharing titles, and playing games. Start earning from today using the Rozdhan app.

Rozdhan Earn Money On Daily

1) Complete task

There are many easy income-earning activities in Roz Dhan such as completing a survey, playing games, checking out the daily horoscope, Work Puzzles, etc. You can earn great rewards by spending 10 minutes a day on the Rozdhan app. Just finish the task and instantly withdraw the amount in Paytm.

2) Play games

You get lots of games for free. No hidden charges and you know that this Rozdhan app has been downloading millions because this app has been providing lots of benefits. We are a different approach than restricted apps and offer a wide selection of free-earning games.

3) Easy survey and tasks

Complete a list of survey questions and simple tasks and earn hundreds of Rupees daily with India’s best money-making app (paise kamana wala app).

4) Daily Horoscope

Find out what conclusions we have in store for you with our daily horoscope and earn money while you do.

5) Read News

Get the latest news on the latest world events and earn money while doing so.

6) Walking and Earning:

Earn money every day by walking without playing games. walks, Count your steps and turn your steps into money. You can burn calories and at the same time you can earn financial rewards

7) Visit Famous Sites

Roz Dhan earn money, you can not only Win Real Wallet Money but also access popular Game related, Game, Shopping, and More related sites. With Roz Dhan earn money Earning App you can get everything you want in life.

8) Withdrawals

This Roz Dhan app so far great review in terms of payment because this app not delaying giving payment. You can withdraw instantly without any problem. Rozdhan app is a very trusted Play store app. You can withdraw money from a Paytm account after your first 2 days in the app, withdraw money immediately after completing “Quick Money Activities” and after accessing R300 in your RozDhan wallet.

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Rozdhan Refer Code get huge referrals earning

Easy Ways to promote Rozdhan app to get huge referrals.

I will tell you the secret to getting a huge referral. Once you get lots of referrals you will be earning big.

The secret of rozdhan earn money

1. Join Facebook groups

If you want to earn huge money from Rozdhan earn money app so this kind of trick really helps you to make money fast. First, you must join lots of make-money groups and after joining the groups you have to put your referral link. You get a big amount of referrals.

2. Join WhatsApp Groups

You easily get lots of make-money Whatsapp Groups on Google. Type on the google – make money WhatApp Group than you can see a lot of websites that have been providing a huge amount of groups. So, you easily join the groups and put your referral link, get lots of referrals.

3. Free Classified Website

This method is very powerful because if you do this method. I am 100% Guaranteed you will get lots of referrals. First, you should type on Google for Top 10 Free Classified Site then you can see the sites. You have to Signup all 10 Free Classified Websites and then put your referral link. You easily get a huge referral from this way.

4. Roz Dhan earn money Quora

I think you know about quora. Quora is a very popular question-and-answer platform. So people asking questions. For example, Somebody wants to know how to make money online with a free method. So, You have to give the answer about the Rozdhan app. You should give complete information about the Rozdhan app and then you give your referral link.

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to get referrals. First, you have collected emails from Facebook and Google search engines. Rozdhan earn money Once you collect the email then you have to send the mail and tell them this is an opportunity to make money Rozdhan app Download.

6. Instagram

Instagram is an Awesome place to get referrals. What you do is. First, you have to follow make money pages. And then sent the DM (Directly Message) to tell them. You will get 80 rupees instantly and you make huge money from Rozdhan app Download.

7. YouTube Shorts

According to mine. YouTube Shorts is a very powerful way to get a huge amount of referrals. You can create a short video on Canva. Then upload the video and give you a referral link in the description. You easily get lots of referrals.


I have explained to you all about rozdhan earn money and make sure when you sign up in rozdhan app you must put this rozdhan refer code 0RPXJ6 than you will money. I hope you love this article.

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