RDX Full Form – RDX Full Information

RDX Full Form-Research Department Explosive or Royal Demolition Explosive.

RDX Full Form – Research Department Explosive

RDX Full Form – Research Department Explosive or Royal Demolition Explosive. RDX is a natural compound with the formula (O2NNCH2)3. It is white strong without smell or taste. It is likewise called cyclonite, hexogen, and T4. Its synthetic name is cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine and the substance formula is C3H6N6O6.

rdx full form

History About RDX :

RDX was utilized by the two sides in World War II. The U.S. delivered around 16,000 long tons for each month during WWII and Germany around 8,000 long tons for every month. RDX had the significant focal points of having more noteworthy touchy power than TNT, utilized in World War I, and requiring no extra crude materials for its assembling.

RDX was broadly utilized during World War II, frequently in touchy blends with TNT, for example, Torpex, Composition B, Cyclotols, and H6. RDX was utilized in one of the principal plastic explosives. The ricocheting bomb profundity charges utilized in the “Dambusters Raid” each contained 6,600 pounds (3,000 kg) of Torpex; The Tallboy and Grand Slam bombs structured by Wallis additionally utilized Torpex.

RDX is the base for various normal military explosives :

1. Granular touchy comprising of RDX and plasticizing wax, for example, piece A-3 (91% RDX covered with 9% wax) and arrangement A-5 (98.5 to 99.1% RDX covered with 0.95 to 1.54% stearic corrosive).

2. Castable blends of 59.5% RDX and 39.4% TNT with 1% wax as desensitizer.

3. The first creation C was utilized in World War II, however, there have been consequent varieties including C-2, C-3, and C-4; C-4 comprises of RDX (91%), a plasticizer, dioctyl sebacate (5.3%), a cover, which is normally polyisobutylene (2.1%), and oil (1.6%).


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