RCM Full Form – RCM Stand For – RCM in GST

RCM Full Form – (Reverse Charge Mechanism)

RCM Full Form – (Reverse Charge Mechanism) you will full information about RCM Full Form and RCM in GST, how does work for RCM in GST.

RCM stands for: Reverse Charge Mechanism basically can receive the service, as well as goods, is liable to pay GST instead to the supplier.

Supply of Notify Goods or services :

sure goods or services have been notifying, the getting which, the receiver need to pay tax as a reverse charge under GST to the Government. sure reverse charge mechanism in GST.

RCM Stand for / Import

while one imports goods and services, one will need to pay tax under the reverse charge mechanism to the Government on the imports, according to the rate applicable to the goods and services. On the price of the goods and services imported, a customs duty will be levied independently, as it not subsumed under. On the basic price customs duty,

Conclusion :

I have explained about RCM, I hope you understand about RCM in GST, how does RCM works. If you want other full forms like Wipro full form and HD full form.