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PQC Full FormPavement Quality Concrete is a concrete generally has been using for most kind of Road Contraction works. Normally it is planned in High Grade (M-35 to M-50) as well as has been designing for 32mm size aggregate and low slump.

Requirements: – The following materials are required for the construction of PQC Road.

Portland General Cement (IS 269), Portland Pozzolana Cement (IS 459), and Portland Slag Cement (IS 1489) Can be used for PQC.

And another is Aggregates crushed to a Maximum 32mm range has been using per IS 383.

Pure Clean River sand has been using for PQC compliant IS: 383.

Water compliant with IS: 456-2000 has been using for PQC. In the case of hot water concrete, the plant should have a water cooling system.

Different types of connections corresponding to IS: 6925 & IS: 9103 to be used by PQC.

PQC Full Form

Another PQC Full form

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