PLMN Full Form & PLMN Meaning

PLMN Full Form – Public Land Mobile Network. In telecommunications, the public land mobile network (PLMN) basically is best wireless communication services and those services has been providing by a particular user in specific country.

PLMN regularly consists of many mobile technologies such as GSM / 2G, UMTS / 3G, LTE / 4G, provided by a provider in a particular country, commonly called a mobile network.

PLMN Meaning & PLMN Full Form

PLMN MeaningPublic Land Mobile Network. When you try to make a call from your mobile device, the application starts by going to BS (base station) which directs the application to the switching center MSC. MSC requests VLR (Visitor Local Register) to collect registration details. The VLR then checks the customer details from the HLR. The HLR requests the AUC (Center for Verification) to authorize the registrar before submitting the registration details. If the customer is valid and unrestricted, the HLR provides the VLR details to the customer.

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If you move from one VLR to another VLR, there will be a handshake between VLRs. During this VLR handshake, the VLR only transfers the verified VLR again without asking for the next VLR, since the data is already downloaded (meaning it has been verified). Once the objective is achieved the IVLR will delete the data from its register.


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