PHP Full Form 5 PHP features meaning, stands for

PHP Full Form 5 PHP features meaning, stands for

PHP Full Form – Hypertext Preprocessor

Basically is a PHP is a server-side scripting language specially designed for Web Development. PHP would be easily embedded in HTML files as well as  HTML codes can as well be written in PHP file. The thing that separates PHP from a client-side language similar to HTML, PHP code is to perform on the server while HTML code is provided directly to the browser.

Websites like, this kind of website created on PHP.  The reason behind this is that PHP anyone easily embedded in HTML files or HTML codes.

PHP Meaning – Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP Meaning : The only detail that the client and browser know is the result returned after execute the PHP script on the server, not the actual PHP code there in the PHP file. PHP created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf other than introduced to the market in 1995.  PHP has been Server Side Language. So to make use of PHP, you have to do WAMPServer or XAMPP Software install on your computer.

And PHP would create a good website.

Why should we use PHP?

Nowadays PHP is a good language because PHP is easy to use for anyone, those who do not have knowledge in Html, through PHP easily make a website. And we easily create a good website through PHP, as well as send an email, create sessions easily.

PHP as well as many mixes up functions available to encrypt the user data of PHP which make PHP secure.

PHP Stands forHypertext Preprocessor

PHP Stands for : Easily be able to run on all most important operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc. Approximately every one major servers available today supports PHP such as. PHP allows access to a wide range of databases. And the most significant thing is that it is free to use as well as download, anyone can download PHP from their official source website.

Common Uses of PHP

PHP performs system functions, that is, files on a structure can be opened, read, written, and closed without it.

You can add your database, you can delete it easily through PHP.

By use PHP, you can control users to access pages of your website.

php full form

5 PHP features






Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between HTML and PHP?

Basically, HTML is a front-end language that only runs on the browser, but PHP is back-end editing as well as runs on the server, PHP website easy to use.

Is PHP is easy?

Yes, PHP is easy to use, As you know that lots of big websites like Facebook use PHP. PHP is an easy programming language and easy to learn php.

Is PHP still popular?

Yes, PHP is very popular, PHP is largely using in web development. PHP using huge platforms like WordPress.

Is PHP good for a Career?

Yes, PHP is a very good career because of nowadays good demand for Php developers across the world. You can select the php as a career.

Is Facebook still in PHP?

Yes, Facebook still uses PHP.


I have explained you to the PHP full form, I hope you understand Php information, and further if you want to know another full form like URL full form please go through it.