FYI Full Form in Email – FYI Meaning

FYI Full Form in Email FYI Full Form in Email – For Your Information is normally has been using for sharing information with colleagues or friends through email or printed paper. And important information gives to another person and this situation used to FYI short form. Basically, is a general internet slang used these time … Read more

PSU Full Form – PSU Meaning

PSU Full Form -Public Sector Undertaking PSU Full Form – Public Sector Undertaking, the government’s own corporation are known as Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India. PSUs are produced by the government to take on profitable projects below its own banner. PSUs carefully might be delegated focal open division endeavors (CPSEs) or state-level open undertakings … Read more

PGDCA Full Form in English – Advantages of PGDCA


PGDCA Full Form in English PGDCA Full Form > Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. One-year diploma after graduating in computer science. The course is usually divided into two semesters, each of 6 months time. Advantages of PGDCA : The lessons cover the basics of computer science. Contains edible languages ​​such as Java, C ++ … Read more

NABARD Full Form – NABARD Meaning

NABARD Full Form – National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development NABARD Full Form – National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is an Apex Development Bank authorized for provided or regulate credit as well as other services for the advertising or improvement of agriculture, small scale industry, cottages or villages industry, handicraft or extra country … Read more

IATA Full Form – Benefits From IATA


IATA Full Form-International Air Transport Association IATA Full Form – International Air Transport Association. IATA trade association of the best airlines established in 1945. This Airline has been promoting support amongst the world’s listed airlines to make sure safe, make safe, dependable, or inexpensive air services. Approximately 270 plus airlines are connected with it. The … Read more

FICCI Full Form – FICCI Meaning


FICCI Full Form-Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry. FICCI Full Form – Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry. It is the oldest or large apex business organization in India. It has intimately witness India’s struggle for independence, its industrialization, and the fast-rising economy of India. FICCI was recognized in 1927 by … Read more

ROC Full Form – ROC Meaning


ROC Full Form – Registrar of Companies ROC Full Form – Registrar of Companies manages the way and administers the functioning of various companies registered under the Companies Act,1956. The ROC has a responsibility to make sure that the companies are properly enrolling and the record or data enter with accurate. ROC has been maintaining … Read more