IIP Full Form meaning & what is iip

IIP Full Form meaning & what is iip

IIP Full Form Index of Industrial Production generally is indexing which indicates the increasing rates in different kinds of industry groups of the economy in a particular period of time. Basically, IIP has been indexing its figure and published by the central statistical organization (CSO) every month.

IIP Meaning

IIP Meaning – Index of Industrial Production (IIP) has been indicating that determine the modify in the volume of production of industrial products through a given period.

IIP Index of Industrial Production (IIP) has been measuring the increasing rate of industry groups.

  • Manufacture or electricity, Mining, Broad sectors.
  • Use-based sectors, namely Basic Goods, principal Goods, and Intermediate Goods.
  • Principal goods as well as intermediate goods. The use of based sectors or basic goods.

How is IIP calculated?

The IIP normally calculate as the weighting average of the production connections. The inventory relative is the ratio of the manufacture in the present period to the position period. This position period is called the base period.

iip full form

IIP important

IIP characterize basically growth in production as well as sub-components of the IIP are generally important than the completed index.


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