IIN Full Form and iin meaning

IIN Full Form – Issuer identification number (IIN) is the 1st digit of the card number set by the Financial Management. Usually, the first eight digits are available on credit, debit, or some other form of payment card.

IIN Meaning & IIN Full Form

The issuer’s signal number differs from the issuer and its partner network provider. IIN Full Form – Issuer identification number (IIN) assists to recognize the process network use for card transactions.

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Features Issue Identification Numbers & IIN Meaning

IIN MeaningIssuer identification number (IIN) The 1st 6 to 8 digits on the card such as a credit or bank card are recognized as the issuer’s identification number. IIN is working to recognize the card network. The accounting system agrees to a credit, debit, or else further sum card to be recognized as an individual given during a processes network by financial management.

Each time a card is used for a transaction, the card processor goes through a series of verification steps to ensure that the cardholder is authorized to make the transaction and that the account has sufficient funds.

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Common things to know about IIN

The debit card numbers are the issuer’s identification numbers. These numbers range from one to six. Issuers have developed unique identifier identification numbers for the industry.

Examples of issuer identification numbers consist of the following:

American Express: 26, 47

Get a card: 6021, 622326 to 642925, 624500 to 626799, 628600 to 628299, 63, 64

Mastercard: 2251 to 2420, 52 to 55

Visa: 6


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