GRIHA Full Form & Griha Meaning stands for

GRIHA Full Form – Green Rating for Integrated Housing Assessment (GRIHA). GRIHA sets mandatory, water-saving, etc, mandatory and compliance to obtain GRIHA’s green building certification.

GRIHA provides the following information about building concerns: location, water efficiency, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, efficient materials, etc. The GRIHA strategy refers to the use of HVAC’s efficient energy system, lighting, functional envelope, efficient water use, rainwater harvesting, solar use in outdoor lighting, wastewater treatment, etc.

GRIHA Meaning & GRIHA Full Form

GRIHA Meaning Green Rating for Integrated Housing Assessment. So if there is a project that works under the green building is. There will be energy savings, water savings, cost savings compared to traditional buildings to meet the GRIHA standard and requirement.

The “United States Green Building Council” is responsible for providing projections for sustainable development (energy-efficient buildings) to Energy Development Leadership (LEED) globally to reduce carbon footprint and reduce global temperatures.

In a similar line of inspiration from the USGBC, India, the IGBC representing the “Green Building Council of India” and its head office was established in Hyderabad. Similar to the USGBC, IGBC is also responsible for providing a framework for green standards for improving energy efficiency at the Indian level, but it is a non-governmental organization despite being approved by the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry).

GRIHA Stands for & GRIHA Abbreviation

GRIHA Stands for – Previously IGBC adopted the concept of the energy measurement system of USGBC, but as India is geographically in a warmer climate than the USA, various modifications are being made in the permanent architectural rating system in India.

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Now on the same lines, the Government of India introduced the GRIHA representative (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment). GRIHA is a term of the Green Rating to reduce the pressure on the use of natural resources. GRIHA is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘abode’. GRIHA is also a measurement tool that helps people evaluate the performance of energy in their structure by comparing it to some internationally accepted standards.

GRIHA provides a program for the evaluation of private homes, affordable housing, capital development, schools, government office buildings, industry (both small or large), city development, and more.


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