FPS Full Form Meaning & stands for

FPS Full Form & FPS Stands for

FPS Full FormFrames Per Second. In this article, I tell you about FPS. Put it simply, imagine that you have a notebook and then draw a ball that goes down on the same page in the same place but neatly down on each piece of paper, so that when you flip through the pages quickly, it looks as if the ball is moving. Now the same thing happens in the digital video the same basic idea, BUT instead of paper, there are frames. Each paper represents a digital frame.

Now the camera does not record movement, it records so-called frames at different values ​​for example 24 FPS FPS … etc, FPS stands forFrames Per Second. If your camera records 30 frames per second, that means every second it records 30 frames combined and compressed to make a video.

FPS Advantages & FPS Meaning

  • FPS Meaning Frames Per Second. There are cameras out there that can record thousands of frames per second which is widely used in slow motion videos by extending the frame rate from for example 1000 FPS, down to 30 FPS keeping video slides to 30 FPS, but much slower because it has been expanded.
  • Each frame can be adjusted. The larger the frame size, the larger the resolution, and thus the larger the video that translates into a more detailed image. I’m not going to go to various video decisions, because the technology is evolving. So we have full HD 1080p videos, 2k videos, 4k videos, and 8k videos.
  • Those are sometimes called ultra HD videos. Which have a larger resolution than 1920x1080p, or double that resolution. Which is a full standard HD video. What does P in 1080p mean you can ask? Represents continuity, which is how frames are displayed. There are two types, ‘Interlaced’ and ‘progressive’ but continuous is the most common in videos.
  • In video games and 3D precision processing how frames are processed per second, depending on your computer/device power, and GPU processing power.
  • And how intense the game is. With more and more progress these days, even phones can capture high-definition videos and photos. Back when the films were usually made on tapes they used the same basic moving images to give the illusion of motion.


I have explained about fps full form and fps meaning as well as fps stands for, I hope you understand and further if you want to others like a full form of dpt please go through it.