EOD Full Form in mail & Meaning

EOD Full Form in mail – End of the Day. Basically, nowadays, this type of sentence has been using a lot of multinational companies.

For example, complete the target EOD (End of the day) means that you have to complete it before your office log out, this is your responsibility to complete the task which you got the work from your manager. Most probably it will come to this EOD sentence through your email.

EOD Meaning & EOD Full Form in mail

EOD Meaning – End of the Day. mostly, this type of sentence has been using in the economic marketplace to the top of a trading day. Its positions to the top of skill of the day, the purpose in a point in time while the trade ceases for the day. It is as well recognized as the end of the business, as well as close of business, close of play.

I have explained below all popular EOD Stands For & EOD Abbreviation please go through it.

  • eBooks On-Demand in Business & Companies
  • Emergency Offensive Device in Military
  • Emergency Order of Detention in Miscellaneous
  • Eager Old Dude in Miscellaneous
  • Employee Organizational Development in Community
  • Expert On-Demand in Software
  • Edge Of Danger in Gaming
  • Employee & Organizational Development in Community
  • Explosive Ordinance Device in Miscellaneous
  • Education On-Demand in Educational
  • Efficiency Organization and Development in Development
  • Electronic OverDrive in Products
  • Element Of Doom in Gaming
  • Embedded Order Data in Miscellaneous
  • Emergency Outpatient Department in Hospitals
  • Empire Of Darkness in Miscellaneous
  • Engineering Operations Division in Academic & Science
  • Entirely Other Day in Miscellaneous
  • Entrance On Duty in Miscellaneous
  • Entry On Duty in NASA
  • Environment of Deposition in Miscellaneous
  • Equal Opportunity & Diversity in Miscellaneous
  • Equal Opportunity Division in Miscellaneous
  • Established Onset Dates in Miscellaneous
  • Explosive Ordnance Device in Miscellaneous
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Military
  • End of Day in Office
  • End Of Data in Databases
  • End Of Discussion in Internet
  • Every Other Day in Medical
  • Eve Of Destruction in Gaming
  • Elite Operations Division in Science Fiction
  • Embroidery Office Design in Software
  • Employee On Duty in Transportation
  • End Of the Dream in News & Media
  • Edge Of Death in Gaming
  • Every One Drinks in Miscellaneous
  • Executioner Of Deities in Gaming
  • Experimental Operational Directive in Government
  • End Of The Day in Business
  • Event Of Default in Accounting
  • Environmental Observation Division in NASA
  • Enter On Duty in Government
  • Electric Organ Discharge in Music
  • Ewok Open Dump in Miscellaneous
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Miscellaneous
  • Expression of Dissatisfaction in Internet
  • Estimated Operational Date in Computing
  • Equal Opportunity Department in Business
  • Esoteric Order of Dagon in Miscellaneous


I have explained about EOD Full Form in mail and EOD Meaning, EOD Stands for, I hope you understand and further if you want to know others like SLM Full-Form please go through it.