Computer Full Form – Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological & Educational Research.

Introduction Of The Computer – Computer Full Form

Computer Full Form – Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological & Educational Research. Computer word resulting from a word compute means to calculation with correct way as well as fast calculation, computer is electronic devices.

1. A computer is a machine that is able to receiving processing and storing data.

2. The entire computer has several parts in general, Input device allows data or instructions to the computer like Mouse, Keyboard etc.

3. And Memory for storing instructions or data.

4. Central Processing Unit means control the processing.

5. Monitor Process the information’s in the form of output.

Characteristics  of Computer / Computer Full Form :

1. Speed of the computer.

2. Good Accuracy.

3. Maintain Storage.

4. Diligence of the computer.

5. Versatility of the computer.

5. Great Automation.

computer full form

Computer Knowledge main parts of the computer:


1. A computer hardware is a physically touch include the computer case, monitors, keyboards, and mouse etc.

2. As well include all the parts within the computer casing, like as the hard disk drive, motherboards, video cards, or another parts.

Input Devices:

1. As well as manage devices like as a computer and information electrical device.

Examples: keyboard, mice, scanner, digital camera  or  joysticks.


1. Keyboard is the main primary input device for every computer system.

2. It help to enter data on the computer system.


1. Mouse is use to input data by send a indication to the computer, base on balanced the cursor or select with the left mouse button.

2. And left mouse act as an ‘enter’ button. The right mouse button could select or will frequently pop up a window of choice.

3. By touching your mouse to a place in a documents, on a digital photos and more a choice of music, you could click the left mouse button to put the cursor.

Computer Knowledge – Output Devices


1. Monitor, generally call as Visual Display Unit (VDU), are the most important output device of a computer.

2. The sharp of the picture depends upon the figure of pixels.


The printer is a output device, so you can print any information on paper.

Two types of printers:

1. The Impact Printers

2. And Non-Impact Printers


1. Speakers is the important output devices with computer systems.

2. A number of speakers are planned for work purposely with computers, and give great sound from the computer.

Advantages of Computer:

You get best advantages of computer like you make a huge report in computer system and you can play the best games in the computer and easily save big data file and you can whole office work in computer. I will explain advantages of computer below points.

1. Make money online :

If you have computer you can easily make money online from make you tube video, and start affiliate marketing, make money form blog, you get best sources make money and computer is easy to use.

2. Save Time :

If you have computer, you can save lots of time like if  you have to pay electricity bill. So, you can easily pay online. However, you save lots of time through computer. Computer give best benefits.

3. Enjoy in life:

In your computer you easily download millions of songs and movies, you easily listen songs and watch movies form your computer.

4. Improve you ability:

If you want to improve your English so you can easily improve English form online. Now a days you take great benefits from computer.

Desktop computers :

1.Desktop computers plan is made for use at a desk and table.

2.They are usually larger or extra powerful than another type of personal computers.

3.Another component, like as the monitors, mouse, and keyboards, connected to the system unit.


1.Laptops are lightweight  PCs with a slim screen.

2.Laptops are able to work on batteries, so you can work them anywhere.

3.laptops combine the CPU, screen, or keyboard in a single case.

History of computer:

Computer system was started with 19th century English mathematics professor Charles Babbage.

computer full form

Computer Full Form – Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological & Educational Research. Charles Babbage was designed the Analytical Engine and it was this plan that the normal frame of the computers of and computer can be into three generation: Generally speaking, computers can be classifying into three generations.

1.First generation: 1937  to 1946 – In 1937 the 1st electronics digital computers were made  by Dr. John V. Atanasoff or  Clifford Berry and base on Vacuum tubes.

2. Second generation: 1947 to 1962 – This generations of computer use transistors as a replacement for of vacuum tubes which were more dependable. In 1951 the 1st  computer for business make use of were introduce to the people, Computer Full Form – Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological & Educational Research. And Universal Automatic Computers (UNIVAC 1). Into 1953 the International Business Machine (IBM) 650 to 700 sequence computers made their score in the computer world.

3. Third generations: 1963 –  The development of integrate circuit brought us the third generation of computers. With this device computer become lesser, extra powerfully extra trustworthy & those are capable to run lots of dissimilar program at the same time. During Microsoft Disk Operating Systems (MS-Dos) were born or in 1981 IBM established the personal computer (PC) designed for home and office use.

Conclusion of Computer Full Form:

I have explained about computer full form, i hope you got clear inform about computer and if you want to know other full forms like TCS Full form and cc full form.