CO Full Form – Circle Officer

CO Full Form – Circle Officer is a best role play in police department and circle office play lots of role in his department. Assistant commissioner of police (ACP) title an independent police subdivision in the state of AP, Mumbai, karnataka or UP in India. In further state the officer of the similar position is chosen simply as deputy superintendent of police.

What are the duties of circle officer?

Circle officer do best role or officer is mainly the collection of income of the state. He is responsibility of care for the correct keeping and deposit  of the Government funds. Circle officer have to maintain record with admiration to agricultural land, waste land, vacant land, management land or manufacturing development marked land and farmhouse land.

co full form

How do you become a police officer circle?

Those who wants to become circle officer, candidate must to be eligible the Provincial Civil Services (PCS) exam is conduct from the State Public Service Commission (SPSC) of the state afraid. Though, in a few state a part organizational services exam is conducted for Circle Officer post.

Another CO Full Form – Commanding Officer

Commanding officer is a military officer; he can give command to his military unit. Commanding officer is fully authority give command to military unity, he has good power to handle of military unit.

co full form

Commanding officer play the best role in military part and he has huge responsibilities stand for part of the base of the officer position, coach an officer about how to take action to different stress or create critical decision in the field. The commanding officer is finally accountable for the protection of everyone below his command.

Co full formCash Officer is a one who duties and responsible to maintain cash department in a bank branch. Cash officer could  be responsible for the working of the cash department of the Branch.

Other CO Full Form – Contractual Obligations

The best way to define contractual obligations is to say that they are the lawful responsible of both party involve in a contractual agreement. during a contract, equally parties exchanging an items and  service of worth, other than expects should be meet in order for the swap to be correctly completed. Such desires will be characterized by the details of the agreement. Inability to meet these desires by either gathering will as a rule mean a penetrate of agreement, which may bring about harms being granted to the non-breaking party. In this way, one’s legally binding commitments must be given extraordinary thought.

Another CO Full Forms below :

Co full forms in computer :

co central office and central operation.

Co full form in medical:

co – cardiac output and castor oil.

Co – casualty officer and co cervical orthosis

Co – cytochrome oxidase  

Co full forms in army

Co – commanding officer (military)

Co related full forms:

Co – carbon monoxide (chemistry)

Co – continental Airlines (Aircraft)

Co – contractual obligation (Business)

Co – crematory operatory (Business)

Co – certificate of origin (Business)

Co – circle office (Business)

Co – corporate office (Business)

Co – cash officer (Business)

Co – clean out

Co – change over

Co – convenience outlet.

Conclusion of CO Full Form:

I have explained about co meaning, i hope you understand co meaning and further if you want to know other full forms like windows full form and HD Full Form.