HDFC Bank Full Form meaning – hdfc stands for


HDFC Bank Full Form –  Housing Development Finance Corporation. HDFC is a famous Indian housing financial institution, basically provide home loans to the middle class as well as low-class people to buy houses and start their own business. According to the government report, lots of people using HDFC bank account, and they very satisfied with … Read more

HD Full Form – HD Meaning


HD Full Form – High Definition HD Full Form –  High Definition. HD Meaning High Definition provides high quality of taking pictures of or film. High Definition is 1080 pixels (1080p) as well as enhances the quality of the film/TV show to a very high presentation standard. HD display contains a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, as well refer … Read more

CCTV Full Form – CCTV Advantages

CCTV Full Form -Closed Circuit Television CCTV Full Form – Closed Circuit Television means video surveillance. Nowadays CCTV camera is very useful because CCTV is the camera is connected video camera, display monitors, and recording devices. CCTV camera is very helpful to stop crime why because you can easily record every activity. As you know … Read more