Apl Full Form Meaning & Awesome Benefits apl stands for

APL Full Form Meaning & Awesome Benefits apl stands for

APL Full Form – Above Poverty Line generally

APL Full FormAbove Poverty Line generally is a card, provided by the government for those who a little above the poverty line, as well as the help of which more facilities are given to the family fall in the above poverty line.

This kind of card issued by the government to assist poor people and also government also has been issue BPL cards to people living below the poverty line, those who have BPL Card giving lots of benefits on behalf of the government.

Who is eligible for APL card?

APL cards are providing to people who are above the poverty line or their yearly income is above Rs. 10,000.

What are the Types of Ration Card In India?

  1. BPL Ration Card
  2. APL Ration Card
  3. Yellow Ration Card
  4. Blue Ration Card
  5. Pink Ration Card
  6. Red Ration Card

APL Meaning

APL Meaning – A programming language

Basically, A programming language is a given command, as well as give the instruction. A programming language should keep code is called high-level languages. However, low level language is refers directly by system hardware.

apl full form

Types of programming language

  • Procedural Programming Language
  • Functional Programming Language
  • Object-oriented Programming Language
  • Scripting Programming Language
  • Logic Programming Language
  • C++ Language
  • C Language
  • Pascal Language

APL stands for – American Premier League

Apl stands forAmerican Premier League basically is twenty20 cricket league and 1st league had started October 6 or 24 October. And APL owned by jay mir.

I have given other very popular APL Full Form Please go through it.

  1. Above the poverty line
  2. Applied Physics laboratory
  3. A programming language
  4. Association of pension lawyers
  5. Adaptive public License
  6. Advanced Production loading
  7. American Premier League
  8. Airsoft Pacific League
  9. Assessment of prior learning
  10. Assistant Patrol Leader
  11. Allowance Parts List
  12. Array Processing language
  13. Abductor Pollicis Longus AROS Public License


I have explained APL full form, I hope you understand apl meaning and further If you want to know another full form like isb full form please go through it.