AFS Full Form Meaning & stands for

AFS Full Form – Advance FaceBook Search. In this article, I will tell you about advanced Facebook Search. As you know that nowadays lots of online communities as well as many online networks. For example. Would you like to become a member as well as participate in discussions along with activities of such networks with the community, then there are methods you would easy to do it. as well, you would start looking for people. One such way is to do an Advanced Facebook search.

Basically, the famous social networking site is Facebook. As you know that on Facebook limits, you would find for that group or person you would be a part of. To find people on Facebook, the first thing you need to do is create an account on the site. Your Facebook search for individuals can easily start if you have a registered account.

AFS Meaning & AFS Full Form

AFS Meaning – Advance FaceBook Search. Facebook has been providing a lot of features, that would easily help you to search for particular groups, networks, as well as individuals. One feature you would make use of this  “Advanced Search” option. While using this search option, you easily search for anybody, anywhere, anytime. You can do Facebook search for people you know by location, profession, and school among others. This is one of the ways you can find someone on Facebook.

Popular AFS Stands for I have mentioned below please go through it.

  • American Folklore Society in Academic
  • Austin Film Society in Academic
  • Abington Friends School in Community
  • Accenture Federal Services in Miscellaneous
  • Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome in Medical
  • AdSense For Search in Miscellaneous
  • Adult and Family Services in Miscellaneous
  • Advanced Facebook Search in Miscellaneous
  • Advanced Fastening Supply in Miscellaneous
  • Advanced Flooring Solutions in Miscellaneous
  • Airborne File Server in Miscellaneous
  • Alternative Family Services in Miscellaneous
  • Always Forever and Seriously in Miscellaneous
  • Ambulance Fee Schedule in Miscellaneous
  • American Field Services in Miscellaneous
  • Analgesic Foot Spray in Miscellaneous
  • Analyzer Feed System in Miscellaneous
  • AFS & Off So in Miscellaneous
  • AFS Anime Fighting Simulator in Miscellaneous
  • Apparel and Footwear Solution
  • Apple File Sharing
  • Applied Food Sciences in food
  • Asian Financial Society in Asian
  • Assembled Foundation System


I have explained about AFS Full Form & AFS Meaning, as well as AFS Stands for, I hope you understand and further if you like to know other PTR Full-Form please go through it.